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  • Revamp a style
  • Maximize your interior spaces

Our latest projects

  • Conception Uni-d is going green

    Our goal at Baobab Design Inc. is to make our renovation and design projects even more environmentally sound. To accomplish this, we are working with new partners, such as Viacapitale du Mont-Royal, and have started using a new line of materials and ecological finishes. We have been working to...

    Visit our dedicated page to know all the details on this program.

  • What is a Baobab?


    The baobab cannot be ignored or overlooked, nor can it be thought of as just an ordinary tree. Its trunk is often wider than it is tall and its branches look like roots. This tree is an important part of indigenous cultures and beliefs. Its peculiar and imposing shape have inspired many African fables, story tales and legends. […] Ref: Sébastien Garnaud, Geologist

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