Who are we?

  • The tree

    We have a lot in common with our logo: the baobab tree.


    The baobab tree is most often associated with African savannahs. The shape and diameter of its trunk have always sparked imaginations and inspired many a nickname. Africans call it "the Magic Tree, "the Medicinal Tree," the "Tree of Life," and the “Upside-down Tree.”[…]


    The baobab cannot be ignored or overlooked, nor can it be thought of as just an ordinary tree. Its trunk is often wider than it is tall and its branches look like roots. This tree is an important part of indigenous cultures and beliefs. Its peculiar and imposing shape have inspired many African fables, story tales and legends. […]


    There has been some speculation as to how long a baobab can live. Botanist Michel Andason estimates that a particularly robust baobab can live for up to 6,000 years. […]


    The baobab is among the most precious species in Africa. Many different parts of the tree—the roots, trunk, bark, leaves, pulp and seeds—are used for therapeutic and nutritional purposes and in traditional African pharmacopoeia. […]

    Ref: Sébastien Garnaud, Geologist


    Display your interiors

    Conception Uni-d is a dynamic company specialized in Interior Design.

    Whether you are at the construction phase or ready to renovate, Conception Uni-d will help you create a functional space that reflects your tastes and meets your needs. We offer thorough on-site consultation, evaluation an advice on design and interior decoration for residential, commercial and corporate settings.

  • Mission

    Our mission at Conception Uni-d is to dress your interior spaces. We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of your interior spaces and turning them into what you want them to be.


    • Listen to our clients’ needs
    • Provide professional service
    • Make a clear plan for efficient service
    • Ensure quality and timeliness
    • Share our unique creativity to maximize results


    To be a dynamic, multidisciplinary and versatile team that is ready to take on small, medium and large challenges in interior design and VRP services (home value plus). Conception Uni-d wants to deploy teams into its field of practice, both domestically and internationally.

  • Team

    Conception Uni-d is a three-person team of specialists in various areas of design. Each of us has a specialty, allowing us to stay on top of the latest techniques and advances in the field. We draw on the strengths of each team member to create unique, comprehensive and distinct projects.
    We love taking on interns, be they from Montreal or abroad, and helping the next generation of designers learn more about our great profession and the basics of design.

    Barbara Dussault

    Barbara Dussault

    President, Senior Interior Designer,
    Project Manager

    Barbara Dussault, President of Conception Uni-d, is a certified designer and member of the Association professionnelle des designers d’intérieur du Québec (APDIQ). She has many years of experience in project management, design and interior design implementation for small and large renovation and construction projects. She has also worked for Couche-Tard and SAQ.

    From the very first meeting with a client, when we are discussing the job at hand… I am already visualizing the design and how it will be carried out, right up to the final result. For me, interior design is a passion that is constantly renewing itself and inspiring me, day after day. And it has been that way for me for over 15 years.




    More than a dachshund, Suki is a member of our team. As persistent as a Baobab tree, she's always supporting us with her affection near by through out the day.

    Wing Lo

    Wing Lai Starsky Lo

    Intermediate interior designer

    I am simply fascinated by the use of space and the technical aspect of interior design.


    Maëva Tharsis

    Junior Interior Designer

    Fill with passion from the profession and motivate by the human connection with our customers. For me to be a good interior designer would not only propose our ideas, instead we should work with the customer to develop ideas and guiding them through the process and give good advice lead to a satisfaction result that suit the best to their needs.


    Joris Martin

    Interior Designer Trainee

    It's always be a pleasure that Conception Uni-d receiving trainer from France each year. We have been working with a few French design institution such as CRÉAD, l'institut d'enseignement supérieur en Architecture Intérieur et Design Global, for more than three years already. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience in exchange with these youth new energy from the overseas.