Information Column

How much is this going to cost me ?
How do you bill your services ?
How can I get more information ?

That depends entirely on your project, which is why we encourage you to be prepared for the first meeting. Here are some examples of the types of questions we will be asking :

  • What type of project is this ? (corporate, residential, commercial)
  • Are you already working with an entrepreneur ?
  • Do you already have a general idea of what you are looking for (turnkey project, consultation, plans, etc.) ?
  • What are your budget and timeframe ?
  • What style are you looking for? What are your tastes ?
  • Have you already found some pictures that represent your dream project ?
  • What is your availability ?

That depends on the type of project. We generally work at an hourly rate, but some of our services are part of a package, like our quick consultation service.

On our home page, you can email us a description of your project and include a request for a preliminary quote.

If you would prefer to speak to us in person, call 514-544-0368 to schedule a meeting, or come see us at 465 Éric Street, Laval.

You can make a cheque out to Conception Uni-d, or pay by credit card.

Why should I work with the designers at Conception Uni-d ?
The advantages of APDIQ accreditation
The Conception Uni-d advantage

Our membership with Quebec’s professional order of interior designers, called the APDIQ (Association professionnelle des Designers d’intérieur du Québec), is proof and assurance of our work quality.

When you work with a Conception Uni-d designer, you are guaranteed quality, better project cost-effectiveness and added value to your space. Our designers will be your guides from start to finish, from helping you define your needs to planning, project design, implementation and overseeing the work in progress.

Our designers re-think and optimize space, making it safe and adapted to the needs of those who inhabit, visit or work in it. They have a rich understanding of the market, trends, suppliers, materials and the infinite possibilities available to you in relation to your budget and your wish list.


There are many advantages of working with Conception Uni-d. First and foremost, you will be working with an experienced team who can meet your needs, answer your questions and offer you sound and well-thought-out options. With our personalized service, you will get exactly what you are looking for. Our fresh approach ensures you a unique and dynamic project.

Guarantees :
At Conception Uni-d we make client satisfaction a priority. That is why we are committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction with the final product. Our full compliance with the APDIQ code of ethics is even further proof of our work ethic.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our practices, we ask our clients to complete a satisfaction survey at the end of each project so that we might benefit from their constructive feedback.

Who are Conception Uni-d services for ?
Everyone !
Every budget !
Every deadline !

The diverse services we offer at Conception Uni-d are accessible to a broad clientele.

Our interior design services are for individual, corporate and commercial clients. For example, our interior home design service is perfect for young families who want to alter the layout of their homes to meet their changing needs. Commercial and corporate design is for establishments that want to make their space more ergonomic and profitable.

Home Staging can help absolutely anyone looking to sell property. After a home is sold, our clients often ask us to come work with their new space. This allows them to reuse some of the furniture from the home staging process and to dress their spaces from start to finish.

VRP helps people who are short on time create harmony and refined purpose in their space without breaking the bank.

Last but not least, we aim to meet ecological renovation criteria. Our clients for whom the environment is a priority can rest assured that we always consider what are the more sound environmental practices to use in a project.

We know that the word "design" is often associated with a certain lifestyle; however, Conception Uni-d works to make it more accessible. We think it is important to make your project work within your financial means. We are also used to working with very tight budgets. Our strong sense of team work and the unique talents of everyone at Conception Uni-d are what help us ensure client satisfaction.

You can trust us with your projects, big and small.

Have short deadline or emergency work that needs done? Not a problem. We often work on projects where time is of the essence and have learnt how to work productively and efficiently to get the job done.